It has been a while since my last post as I have been busy with the festive period. Over Christmas, I have been trying to learn new skills with web design as I seemed to lack this experience last term. I bought a magazine called 'The Advanced Guide to Web design' for £15. Being a student, I did think the price was a bit steep. BUT I would now suggest that anyone wanting to learn web design skills whether they are beginners or advanced, to get a copy of this. So far I have done three tutorials, which have helped me get new skills using Adobe Flash CS4. I am beginning to realize the endless possibilities flash offers....

"Flash can do whatever a designer can imagine it can do. The only limit is your imagination" Eric Jordan, 2Advanced.

(Take a look as Eric Jordan's company website if you get the chance. He takes upon a futuristic approach which looks very computer gamer style.... you will understand what I say when you see it.)

As I now realize how hard flash is and the amount of work that goes into these websites, take a look at the official
site made for actor Jim Carrey.

The reason I find this site so exiting when I visit it, is the fact it feels interactive and engages the viewer. I do admit the downside to this website is that the navigation is not very good.
The website was made by a Californian studio called ‘65’ (http://www.65media.com/)

They seem to be the advanced Flash web designers out there who create impressive sites for big movies e.g The Simpsons, Australia, Mummy III, Monster Inc and the list goes on.

Another site I found was http://www.zugara.com/streets/site/index.html

Yet another flash based website. This site is interactive trying to get the audience involved in the sites theme (street RBK- Reebok) and through games and events you are unaware but am being sold RBK goods… great way to sell your product. I am a huge fan of interactive sites as I feel it if much more playful and for that reason interacts and touches the viewer better than a flat site.

The site was designed by Zugara a Californian studio who says there objective is to stay focused on adhering their client’s campaign as apposed to creating a ‘pretty’ site or application that does not reach it’s attended tar
get audience.

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