Sustainable Me

Our eight week project is finally over as today is the day we present our work to the client (Lulu).

Eight weeks ago we were given a brief with the title of SUSTAINABLE ME. We had to produce three outcomes to inform our audience (graphic design industry) about sustainable design. We had to produce an outcome via web using either flash or dream-weaver, a print outcome both with a group and a personal outcome using either print or web.

Print- We decided to target the design industry in Cardiff. We wanted to encourage them to think about the three R’s (reduce- reuse- recycle) in their daily design.
We tried to make them think how they could reduce their daily use with paper and ink. Do they really need to use that much paper/ ink to put across the same message a sustainable design would (less paper use and ink). We created a fantastic ‘little’ leaflet’ which used laser cutting to write and cut sections of the paper out to put across our message. The cover was embossed. Therefore no ink was used and a restricted amount of paper was used.

Web- We decided to target student designers so we could introduce them to a new working method at an early stage in their career. To grasp them we decided to create a playful website (using flash). The main topics of the website was in relation to ink, print and paper.
We then included a a quiz to question the viewer ‘how sustainable are you?’.

Personal- After research into current sustainable persuasion campaigns, I feel there a far to many poster and information packs which are easily forgotten about.
Therefore I feel the solution to this is to target one aspect of the three R’s (reduce, re-use, recycle) and getting people involved.

‘SILICON HEAVEN is targeted to designers from all ages and backgrounds. We aim to inform our designers about the benefits of re-using and to encourage our audience to take part in our competition (to re-use old electrical equipment which is' dead').

By getting people to get involved and get their hands dirty, the message WILL stick with them.

The theme is very playful therefore this is why I have created a lively/ bouncy website.

This website will be used to update our candidates with up and coming events, deadlines, facts etc. Silicon Heaven can also be followed via Twitter and Facebook.’

Above are some screen grabs of my website 'Silicon Heaven'. It begins with a short animation to set the scene (a computer falls and smashes on the floor). An angel then appears and takes the 'spirit' to heaven (playing along the lines of reincarnation/ life after death). The bottom right screen shot is the main page. When scrolling over each screen a heavenly sound is made. When you click on a screen, that screen zooms in and information appears.

To get things started with the competition I reincarnated a computer moniter by changing it into a fish tank. I added it to the gallery on the website....

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