Gareth Bale

Great annimation here about Gareth Bale by Richard Swarbrick.


Remind Me

Breaking down a day of your average office worker. Cool annimation, in depth concept and even a great tune!


3D Guernica

I came from a fine art/painting background so I can appreciate good art work and here was one that I have previously looked at called 'Guernica' by Pablo Picasso (1937). Take a look at the original below then the 3D remake by Lena Gieseke which explores the painting (you will understand what I mean when you see it). I have been trying to teach myself Cinema 4D so I can appretiate Gieseke's great efforts here.


Smoke Test

Test_2 from Andy Niven on Vimeo.

Trying to create a spooky cloud of smoke with text integrated. I have used the ampersand (&) which could be replaced with a logo, then the word 'test'. Keep your eyes peeled for them!

Inspired by Satya Meka's online tutorials

Nintendo 3DS

I am not usually interested in computer games, but due to this being another possible 'breakthrough' in interactive/3D media, I thought it was worth a blog post.

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest addition to the Nintendo DS. Still being a hand held device, the 3DS (as the name suggests) has a 3D screen; unlike the cinema where the object comes out from the screen, the 3DS's objects are in the distance (giving the game play 'depth'). It can only be appreciated when played.

The only faults would be that you would need to keep your head steady to keep the objects in-line/order and there have been reports of the 3D being a strain on your eyes. Nintendo suggest you should only play for 30 minutes at a time.


Motion Graphics Experimentation_1

Audio Tester from Andy Niven on Vimeo.

I have been experimenting with bringing audio into After Effects and what can be done. Really like some of the outcomes. Used the ampersand (&) as the center piece which could easily be replaced by a simple logo. More to come I think!


225 Mackintosh

A short film/documentary about my house made by my good friend Sion Rees (for his student set project).  Well done Sion!!

225 Macintosh Place from Sion Rees on Vimeo.