YCN Competition

The brief was to build awareness of the Tuborg brand based on the theme ‘Live Unleashed’. After Research into the target audience (considering who they are; age, gender, background and what they are interested in), my conclusion was to get people involved. In doing this creates ‘word of mouth’ (which in todays society, is one of the best types of viral).

Considering the target age (eighteen to twenty four year old) and what personality Tuborg reaches out too (fun/spontaneous/sociable), my idea is to create the Tuborg challenge, encouraging our adventurous audience to try new things and more importantly ‘Live Unleashed’. To do this, goodie bags will be handed out to the audiences on the street and at freshers fairs. In the bag is a poster with fifteen challenges. All odd and quirky, some almost impossible and others more realistic yet exiting.

Other items inside the bag help you achieve some of the challenges. Obviously they could also be used during every day.

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