D&AD competition

‘A football match lasts 90 minutes, this leaves 1350 minutes a day for the rest of everyday living’

The brief was to launch Umbro’s ‘A frame shoes’ into 1350 (a new lifestyle product) targeting 16-24 year olds and branch out to a ‘new audience’. The audience 1350 reaches out to are people interested in tattoos, have the knowledge of football, are quirky, wear retro sports gear (but fashionable and trend setters), arty and into modern technologies. 

Considering the target audience and considering what Umbro’s clothing wanted to represent, I thought the best way to target a big audience is to target the trend-setters (this target audience are into shoe collection and Ltd edition gear). 

Therefore,  my idea is to create a competition to win a limited edition 1350/ A frame shoes box. Being a retro, quirky looking shoe box, sneaker/ collectors will keep this and therefore ‘set the trend’. 
Understanding that Umbro wanted their audience to feel hugely what is on their feet, I wanted to communicate that your shoes have a personality. Therefore, the audience is asked, using their camera/camera phone, to creatively show where they would/ do take their (A frame) shoes by taking a picture from their shoes point of view. They are encouraged to be quirky and creative in doing so by a set of adverts virals

The images that are sent in are displayed on Umbros website and digital advertising boards which will change every 90 or 1350 minutes. 

The best images win the limited edition box; see last image.

All images that are sent in are used on the final A Frame shoe box. 

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