Penguin book cover

We were set a two week competition brief at uni for penguin book covers. The two covers we were set to design were 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Perfume'.

Alice in wonderland

I created a cover that appealed to both adults and children. T
o do this I asked very talented Rachel Bierley to illustrate this. I then scanned it in, did the colouring in Photoshop and finished the design. The front cover plays with size imagination colour and has that dreamy feel which is what I was after.

I want to change the heading font as I feel it is too safe and I think another typeface (much more playful) will work better.

Perfume 'a story of a murderer.'

Here I tried to create a cover that was mysterious. I photographed my friend Kat's hand in a way that it is crunching the hand full of roses. I was trying to make the viewer question why she is doing this (sexual, sense-smelling the rose, erotic, in pain- rape).

Considering we had two weeks to do both these and other pieces of work I am pleased with how they have turned out. If I had more time I would have altered a few more things for both covers

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