YCN book analysis

Similar to the previous brief, we were given a magazine/ book and told to analyze this. YCN is very similar to D&AD in the way they work.

YCN was launched to inspire and showcase the most recent up and coming international young creative talent but offer you the reader to take part in their competitions by entering set briefs which are usually found at the rear of the book.

Me and Rich really liked the simplicity of this book and the consistency. It was simple to navigate with the good use of coding. The only bad part we could see was the contents page as it looked like an index page (too busy).

Using the house style we created a poster and presented our thoughts on this.

When we do our presentations our lecturers make us score each other on our over all presentation skills.
We got our marks back from our fellow peers the other day and it seems they really enjoyed it (both poster and our presentation).

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