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Being briefed by Mike from Elmwood via ‘Skype’, our assignment was to create a customer experience of ‘A Walk on the Welsh Side’ in Cardiff International Airport. The idea was to create a ‘warm’ Welsh identity for travelers from as soon as they enter the airport until they leave as currently the airport lacks a personality or identity and is very clinical (which we got to see after a visit).

Being a small group of four, we where assigned Aled from ‘Departures’ Design Company as our mentor who would overlook our progress during the assignment.

To begin, we explored the real Wales; what it means to be Welsh, the Welsh brand vales and current work out there. After our own individual idea generation, we concluded the concept that fitted our brief was Welsh farming/ market environment as it symbolizes real, authentic Wales and avoids clichés (e.g sheep and rugby). Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we created a narrative using contemporary, sensory (smells, tastes, sounds, sights), Welsh produced (wood, stone) and new technologies (interactive media boards, 3D60 sounds) to stimulate minds.

(One of my illustrations to explain our concept to Cardiff Airport)

After the four weeks, we had to present our idea to our class, other group’s mentors (from respectable design agencies in Cardiff- Hoffi, Burning Red, Elfen, StazikerJones, Departures and Design Wales) and the client (Cardiff Airport representative).

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the pitch but being a smaller group than other groups, we still put in 110% and came up with a concept that ‘hit the nail on the head’. I learnt a lot from this brief and enjoyed working with a real design agency (especially Departures who’s work I admired before the brief was set).

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