Ginger Monkey

We were visited yesterday by a few experienced freelance designers/illustrators/creatives to talk about their experience in the industry and advise us how we can 'get involved'.

The first talk was by Bristol based freelance creative Tom Lane (Ginger Monkey). He explained that the way to get work is to work your socks off (overtime), use the internet to communicate with clients, only take on work you believe in, but, take risks... that's how you learn. I really liked Tom's working method as he, like me, tries to move away from the computer when ever possible to be experimental with different medium and getting his hands dirty. He then tends to finish his work off on the computer before it is sent to the client.

His work consists of mainly typography, posters, book covers or anything print based; being heavily influenced by the 1900's style decorative type. 

Here you can see the developments from hand drawn illustrations to the finished book covers made for 'Heston's special Edition' books. 

Tom's new self set project is for an urban clothing line called '1hundred'... keep your eyes peeled for this in the future.

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