We took a day trip to Hartley Wilprint (Cardiff Sustainable printer) where we learned about the production line and how printing works. Our tour guide (Dominic Hartley- M.D) told us to get to know your printer and other very useful tips for the industry we are preparing for.

Wilprint use vegetable based oils as the try to keep green which a lot of business' may find important when using a printer for a job.
He showed us digital printing (which is what we have use of at uni) and the difference is huge to
litho printing. Litho is clean and defined but has to go through a big production (a station for each of CMYK and a 5th station for additional colours like gold/silver). Digital print is cheaper but has lines and has not just a rich clean look.
He showed us how to engrave (at the time we went their they where engraving letter heads for the house of commons.

I was extremely impressed with this company and I will have to keep them in mind for possible future jobs.


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